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ATT, CGC & TD - July 22nd & 23rd, 2023

Tacoma Kennel Club AKC Fast CATs
Events run by the WWHA Fast CAT Crew

Friday AM, July 21, 2023, Test 1 (2023145015)
Friday, PM, July 21, 2023, Test 2 (2023145016)
Saturday AM, July 22, 2023, Test 3 (2023145009)
Saturday PM, July 22, 2023, Test 4 (2023145010)
Sunday AM, July 23 2023, Test 5 (2023145011)
Sunday PM, July 23, 2023, Test 6 (20231145012)
**Limit 135 dogs per test***
Tests may be run concurrently if time allows.

Frontier Park
21800 Meridian East, Graham, WA
Cell Phone on the Field (206)200-3887
ONLINE PRE-ENTRIES OPEN Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 8 AM Pacific Time for all breeds & mixed breeds eligible to run under AKC rules, including Canine Partners
PRE-ENTRIES CLOSE Wednesday, July 19, 2023 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time or when the test limit is met. A waitlist will be started when tests are full. Online waitlist only good through Pre-Entry Closing.
Day-Of Entries will only be accepted at the Secretary’s Table at the Frontier Park Fast CAT field if the 135 dogs per test limit is not reached prior to the event or if we are able to run more dogs. Day-of-Test entries close at 10 AM for the AM events and 3 PM for the PM events each day. Day-of entries will be by paper entry form only.
Early Entry Fee per dog…………………………………$23.00 per entry per test
Entry Fee after 6 PM July 19th .……..……………$25.00 per entry per test
Entry fees will be reimbursed, minus online payment fees, if we have to cancel the events or if your dog is excused during inspection.

TEST HOURS: 8:00 AM-Noon (Test #1, 3, and 5)
1:00 PM until complete (Test #2, 4 and 6)
DAY-OF TEST ENTRIES CLOSE: 10 AM (Test #1, 3, and 5)
3 PM (Test #2, 4 and 6)
TEST ROLL CALL/CHECK IN: AM: 7:45-10:00 AM (Test #1, 3, and 5)
PM: 1:00-3:00 PM (Test #2, 4 and 6)

If you do NOT check in during the designated times for your run, your entry and entry fees will be forfeited to allow waitlisted dogs to run.

President………………………….………………..….………..………….……..….….… Jane Riffle
Vice President……………………….….….…..………..…….……..……….…..… Jamie Morris
Treasurer…………………………………...….…………...…….……..….………..… Paula Olcott
Secretary………………………..……………….…....…….…….……....…….… Pam Armstrong
Field Chairman …………………….……….…………………….…………………... Jamie Morris
Field Test Secretary……………………………….…………...…………………Jamie Eggleston
POB 358, Monroe WA 98272 206-200-3887 whitewingz@aol.com
Field Clerk………………………………………………………………………….... Sheri Whetstine
Lure Operators ……………………………………………....…..….. Rick Billieu, Jeff Falkner
Inspection …………………………..………..…..…….……… Larry Harris, Melanie Berger
Paddock Master ………………………….…..…………….………………………….. Jeff Falkner
Additional Committee Members …………………….……… Jane Riffle, Paula Olcott,
……………………………………………………….…………..Pam Armstrong and Allen Morris

Permission has been granted by the American Kennel Club for the holding of these events under American Kennel Club rules and regulations. Test Hours: 8:00 AM until complete. THESE CLUBS DO NOT AGREE TO ARBITRATE CLAIMS AS SET FORTH ON THE OFFICIAL AKC ENTRY FORMS FOR THESE EVENTS.

1) Complete the entry form at the end of this premium for each dog you wish to enter. Enter your dog’s AKC number (Purebred, PAL/ILP or Canine Partners number). If you do not have a number, please visit the AKC web site at: https://www.akc.org/ canine_partners/enroll.cfm for a Canine Partners number (for mixed‐breeds), or http://www.akc.org/pdfs/ilpform.pdf for a PAL/ILP number (for purebred dogs).
2) Send the total amount due for all dogs you are entering via PayPal to wwha.performance@gmail.com .
3) Email your PayPal receipt and a scanned copy of the completed entry forms or a photo of the completed entry form(s) to wwha.performance@gmail.com . DO NOT SEND YOUR EMAIL WITH PAYPAL RECEIPT AND ENTRY FORM(S) BEFORE 8 AM ON WEDNESDAY, June 7TH OR IT WILL BE REJECTED. EMAIL TIMESTAMPS WILL BE CHECKED.

You will receive a confirmation email at the same email address you use for Step 3 above to let you know your entry was received. If the entry is incomplete or the test(s) you request are full, you will be notified in the received entry confirmation. Please remember entries will typically pour in and fill up quickly when it opens. It will take a little time to answer every email.

Your dog must have an AKC number and be at least 1 year old on the day of the test to participate.If you are unable to enter online or have questions, contact Jamie Eggleston at 206-200-3887 or wwha.performance@gmail.com.

Day‐of‐Entry: Bring the completed form and Day-of-Entry fees to the Field Secretary on the day of the test prior to the closing time. Day-of-Entries are accepted ONLY if we have not reached the test limit for each test or if we are able to run more dogs.
• You will be expected to have complete information on your dog for each entry. Incomplete entries WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Online Waitlist (available when tests are full until Wednesday, July 19th, 2023 at 6 PM PST)
• Please write “WAITLIST” at the top of the entry form(s) and email one entry form for each dog you wish to put on the waitlist to wwha.performance@gmail.com. There is no charge to be on the waitlist.
• You will be contacted in the order the waitlist entries are received when an opening you requested becomes available. You must respond and pay for the entry fees within the specified time given in the notification to secure the opening(s) or it/they will be offered to the next person on the waitlist.
The Online Waitlist will only be used through Wednesday, 19th at 6 PM PST at which time the Online Waitlist expires. Openings after that date and time will be filled at the event from the Day-Of Waitlist.

Day-Of-Test Waitlist
• A Day-Of Test waitlist will be on the Secretary Table each day. You must sign up each day for the test(s) you wish your dog(s) to run that day.
• At the end of each corresponding Roll Call/Check In Time (AM check in ends at 10 AM and PM check in ends at 3 PM), we will fill the spots of the dogs that don’t check in on time with dogs off the waitlist in the order they are listed. Exhibitors must be present to be accepted.
• Those on the Day-Of-Test Waitlist should be standing by just before the corresponding Check In Time closes so we are able to process you quickly and keep things moving. Please have completed entry forms ready with all information included on the form. Blank entry forms will be on the Secretary Table.
• Payment will be required when we accept your entry form. $25 per entry cash or check payable to WWHA -OR- via PayPal to wwha.performance@gmail.com. Please have the proof of your PayPal payment ready to show us when we accept your entry form.

• You will receive a refund for your entry fees (minus any online payment fee if applicable) ONLY IF the Field Secretary receives an email from you at wwha.performance@gmail.com before Wednesday, July 19th at 6 PM PST AND she is able to fill your spot(s) from the waitlist. Please include the following in your email:

• Your first and last name
• The dog’s call name and breed
• The test(s) you wish to cancel
• Reason for cancellation

General Information
• Dogs must be one year of age or older on the day of the test.
Dogs not checked in at the end of the corresponding Roll Call will lose their runs and forfeit their entry fees. Bitches in season, lame dogs and dogs judged unfit to compete will be excused (with entry refunded minus online payment fee if applicable). Spayed or neutered dogs may be entered. Roll call for field committee and workers will be prioritized.
• Run ordering for Fast CATs will be at the discretion of the field committee, typically on an “is waiting and ready” basis. Priority for field committee dogs running will be given to free them up to work the tests.
• The field committee reserves the right to alter the course plan as required by weather and/or field conditions on the day of the tests.
• The field committee reserves the right to bar known aggressive dogs from the event site.

• There will be a $10 fine assessed for any loose dog not taking part in the course in progress, or for anybody caught not picking up after their dog or leaving garbage on the field.
• NO ONE will be allowed on the field without the express permission of the Field Chairman, Field Secretary or Fast CAT Crew.
• Anybody exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior will be excused from the field and may be subject to further disciplinary action.
• Control of dogs strictly enforced. Dogs must be on leash at all times, except when running.
• Clean up and dispose of all trash.
• Please pick up all dog feces and remove with trash or put in receptacles on site.

• The field has no shade, no cover and is fenced/gated. It can be wet.
• Battery powered, continuous loop lure machines will be used. The lure will consist of plastic strips. The members of the WWHA reserve the right to alter the course plan as required by weather and/or field conditions on the day of the test.
• Start and finish light curtain system with scoreboard will be used for accurate timing.
• Any person, upon reasonable complaint, may be asked to leave the grounds of the field trial by the Field Committee and may be disciplined by the AKC. Children must be under control of their parent(s) or guardian(s) at all times.
• WWHA, TKC and their members will not be held responsible for any accidents at these tests.

For First Time Coursers and New Handlers
• WHAT ARE PRE‐ENTRIES? ‐ Entries made before the closing date and time.
• WHAT ARE “DAY OF” ENTRIES? ‐ Entries accepted after the closing date for pre‐entries are considered Day of Entries. “Day of' entries are usually more expensive because the Field Test Secretary (FTS) must take extra time to add those entries to the record sheets the day of the test, which delays the start of the test.
• COLLARS AND LEASHES – Your dog can run without a collar or wear a flat collar with nothing dangling from it. You can tape tags to the collar so they don’t catch in the line. You need to have 2 leads with you: one for the Releaser and one for the Catcher.

•There is a type of collar for coursing called a slip lead, which is worn only to control the dog prior to release. The collar drops away as the dog is released to chase the lure. If you choose to use a slip lead or have your dog run without a collar, be sure your catcher has a collar and lead to secure your dog at the finish line.

ROLL CALL ‐ The time, prior to the commencement of running, by which you check in with the Field Test Secretary and have your dog ready for inspection by the Inspection Committee.
• INSPECTION ‐ Dogs will be inspected by a designated Inspection Committee consisting of at least two persons who are members of the Field Committee and who shall inspect each entered dog for lameness, fitness to compete, female estrus (in season) and their height at the withers to determine their handicap. Inspection shall take place prior to any form of wrapping being applied to the dog. In the opinion of the Inspection Committee, any entry found to be lame, unfit to compete or in season shall not be allowed to enter and the applicable entry fees shall be refunded. After Roll Call and Inspection, the dogs passing inspection will be approved to run and their run slip will be added to the Run Board.
• RUN ORDER ‐ This is a posted list of the running order for the dogs participating in the event. Always check the Run Board after you have checked in and completed your dog’s inspection to confirm your dog’s Run Order. Catchers should go to the finish line at least 2 runs ahead of their dog’s run to prevent delays between runs.
• RELEASER AND CATCHER – You must have someone to release and someone to catch your dog. It is your responsibility to arrange for assistance.
• WARM‐UP, COOL‐DOWN—It is highly recommended that all dogs running are walked out for about 10‐15 minutes prior to and after their runs to get them warmed up and to cool them down. The cool‐down is very important because it helps prevent lactic acid build‐up in the muscles which leads to soreness.

For All Handlers
• WHAT MUST MY DOG DO TO PASS A Fast CAT? ‐ Fast CAT, unlike the CAT, is not a pass/fail, but a timed 100 yard dash after a lure through a start gate and a stop gate. The time is converted over to MPH and then multiplied by a potential handicap based on the dog’s height to award points.
• MPH calculation: 204.545 / (time in seconds) = MPH
• AKC points calculation: MPH * handicap = AKC points earned for run
• CAN MY DOG EARN AN AKC TITLE FOR Fast CAT?‐ Titles are earned by accumulating points. These suffix titles will appear on a dog’s pedigree, with a higher level title superseding a lower level title.
The following titles will be awarded by AKC:
BCAT = 150 points
DCAT = 500 points
FCAT = 1,000 points
FCAT followed by a number (e.g. FCAT2) for every additional 500 points.

Fast CAT Run Process At the Event
• PRO TIP: People know how we run Fast CATs (first come, first served) and line up 30-60 minutes before Check In starts so they can be at the top of the

running order.
• All entries whether pre-entered or day-of entries must check in with the Field Test Secretary.
• Check in (Roll Call) during the time listed above for the AM or PM runs. Dogs not checked in at the end of the corresponding Roll Call will lose their runs and forfeit their entry fees. You will then proceed to the Inspection Station with your dog(s).
• Have your dog(s) inspected at the Inspection Station. The Inspection person will give the Run Board person your run slip and they will add it to the run order. Let the Inspection Person know if you need your dogs separated in the run order. Once your dog(s) pass Inspection, they will be added to the Run Board in groups of 6 (a flight).
• You may look at the Run Board to see where your dog is in the run order, but DO NOT move or remove any run slip from the Run Board. Only the Run Board person may do so.
RING TIME CONFLICTS: You must check in on time and let us know you have a conflict so your run slip will be set aside until you return. You may have someone else check in your dog(s) and let us know you have a conflict, but it must be done prior to 10 AM for AM runs and 3 PM for PM runs and we are not responsible if the person you ask to check your dog(s) in and let us know you have a conflict fails to do so. Make sure you notify the person in charge of the Run Board when you return so they can put your dog’s run slip in the run order. We take lunch from Noon to 1 PM, so please don’t return after 11:15 AM and expect to run before lunch.
• Make sure you have a Releaser and a Catcher who both have a leash before it is your turn to run your dog. If you do not have a catcher with you, ask the other participants if they will help you. Plenty of people are willing to help each other, but you have to ask.
• Stay in the Staging Area so you hear your dog’s name when it is called to proceed to the Paddock. You will receive your run slip and be directed to have the Releaser and your dog proceed to the Paddock to wait for your dog’s turn to run. The Catcher will be directed which way to proceed to the Finish Line and wait there until they see your dog enter the gate at the Start Line. Once your dog enters the gate to the start line, the catcher needs to enter the finish line gate and be prepared to catch your dog. Please have your Catcher catch the dog quickly and leave the Finish Line gate so we can keep things moving.
• After your dog runs, the Releaser will receive a copy of the run slip with your dog’s time recorded and a qualifying ribbon if the dog completed the run. You can use the calculation at the bottom of the slip to figure out your dog’s MPH and AKC points or use the “Cheat Sheet” chart located near the Secretary’s Table.
• If you signed up to do both the AM and PM runs for the day, you may go back to the Secretary Table to get the PM run slip. We must run all the AM dogs that are present before we can add PM runs to the morning run order. We cannot guarantee you will get concurrent runs in the AM. We are usually able to get a few PM runs done in the morning, but not all of them. It all depends on how busy we are.

• Each dog with a qualifying run will receive a Qualifying Course ribbon.
• New Title rosettes are available at the Secretary’s Table for dogs earning their new title in Fast CATs at our events.

On Call Show Veterinarian 24 hour Emergency
Blue Pearl Pet Hospital 253-474-0791
Open 24/7 for Emergency and Critical Care
2510 84th Street South, Suite 30D, Lakewood, WA 98499
Driving Directions from Show Grounds: (17.8 miles) Exit Frontier Park and turn left onto northbound WA-161/Meridian. Turn left onto 136th Street East. Turn right onto 94th Avenue East. Turn left to merge onto WA-512 West. Take the exit onto I-5 North toward Tacoma/Seattle. Take exit 128 toward South 84h Street. Turn left onto South Hosmer Street. Turn left onto South 84th Street. At destination, in 413 feet turn left, in 112 feet turn right, in 72 feet turn left and the destination will be on the right in 230 feet.

FAST CAT Photographer
Whisker Tango Foxtrot Photography, Bart Brinkman
Website www.whiskertangofoxtrot.com
Permission has been granted by the Show Chair for Whisker Tango Foxtrot to be the exclusive photographer for Fast CATs only at this show.

Fast CATs location at Frontier Park
The Fast CATs are located in the horse arena at the south end of the park.