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Tacoma Kennel Club ~ April 18th & 19th, 2020
Breed Education Booth Reservation
Booth area will be approximately 10ft x 10ft. A minimum of one table will be provided for each booth. ALL 
booth decorations must be fire retardant, or sprayed with fire retardant spray. An “ABC” fire extinguisher 
must be available at each booth. No nails, staples, or tape will be allowed on walls, floors or other Dome 
property. Well-behaved dogs are encouraged to be at the booth. If you need power, this must be reserved 
ahead of time. (There is an additional charge for power.) To keep costs to a minimum, the booth spaces 
will be marked out with tape (or similar marking), no pipe and drape will be used. You are welcome to use 
“pop-up” canopies for your booth. However, the tops must be removed to allow fire suppression systems 
to function in the Dome and your ‘frame’ must fit completely within your 10x10 space. The ‘Breed Booths’ 
will be along the front wall and a free-standing row in-between the wall and the rings. All booths in the 
free-standing row will need to have a ‘back’ to their booth. This can be a sidewall to the canopy, etc. We 
will do our best to accommodate requests for positions but this will be on a first come/first served basis. 
Priority will be given to FSS & Misc breeds. But all AKC breeds will be welcome as space allows. 
By participating in this event you agree to follow AKC rules and Code of Sportsmanship. No selling of animals 
is permitted. All Reservations are due by March 1st, 2020 unless spaces are filled prior to this date.
Each 10x10 space is $50 for the weekend. Power is an additional $35 for the weekend and only available 
along the wall. (If you have reserved 2 spaces and require power you only need to pay for the power one 
time...not per space.)

Send completed reservation forms to & make checks payable to Tacoma Kennel Club (or TKC):
Tacoma Kennel Club c/o Jamie Morris 35515 42nd Avenue S Roy, WA 98580
Questions may be directed to Tacoma Kennel Club
c/o Jamie Morris at info@cedarhollowdrevers.com
If paying electronically with PayPal please reference your email and name on registration form in payment note. This will help minimize unmatched payments. Thank you for your help.

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